Hin Sang Multi-Herbs Tea (Granules)

Contains Radix Et Caulis Ilicis Asprellae, Radix Rosae Laevigatae, Herba Lyhodii, Herba Viticis Negundo. Applicable to common cold, fever, sore throat, dampness and heat, dry throat, and dark urine. Clears heat and protects against summer heat, quenches thirst. This product is convenient, easy to carry and store.


Direction and dosage:

Dissolves with water. 1 bag each time, 1-2 times a day.

20 packs per box. Registered proprietary Chinese medicine: HKC-16760


When to drink Hin Sang Multi- Herbs Tea (Granules) for better result?

Can drink anytime, for better result, drink when the symptom onset.


Is there any adverse effect when taking Western medicines and Hin Sang Multi- Herbs Tea (Granules) at the same time?

When the patient is taking the Western medicine, try not to take Hin Sang Multi- Herbs Tea (Granules) within the treatment. Please consult your family doctor if necessary.