The 4th Hin Sang Scholarship

Application Form (PDF):
Application Form (Doc):


The chairman of Hin Sang Group believes that children are the future of our society. They have unlimited talents and potential, and should be nurtured with the right education. “Hin Sang Scholarship” was set up as an award scheme for sponsoring the talented students to encourage their diversified development and to enhance their competitive strengths to contribute the society in the future.

Sponsorship Details:

After panel review, 65 students in Hong Kong will be selected and awarded. Each awarded students will receive a scholarship, Hin Sang gift pack and a certificate of appreciation.

Eligible Details:

“Hin Sang Scholarship” applicants have to fulfill one of the below criteria:

  1. 1. Excellence in studying or;
  2. 2. Outstanding performance in extra-curricular activities


All the applicants must follow "HSGscholarship" facebook to fulfill the qualification.

Application Period:

18th April to 27th July 2018 (according to postal chop or email server time)